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Things to Consider
In order to plan the best  for your  NY wedding ceremony,Long Island wedding ceremony or  Central Park wedding , I'd like to get to know you a little better.

How many people are in your Bridal Party? How many guests are you anticipating?
Is English the native language of your immediate family? Would it be an honor to your parents, if we were to have translations of the ceremony in English and your original language?

Would you like to write unique vows to each other, as an open love letter at the ceremony?

As a way of acknowledging a special family member or friend, would you like to select them as a reader?

Has a relative or special person passed away that should be acknowledged?

Should your ceremony incorporate religions or culture? More than one?

Are you seeking a spiritual union that is reflective of your private commitments and not religious overtones?

Would you like to incorporate unique elements to your ceremony? Sharing wine, breaking glass, hand fastening, Bell of truce, Sand blending, family rings, anniversary box and more?

Should I, as a New York wedding officiant, research traditions to honor your heritage?

Will you need a rehearsal opportunity?

A short letter that highlights how the couple met or their shared interests and visions for the ceremony, provide a lot of insight that may be used in developing a writing style.

Remember to hold hands often.

Services include:

  • Elopements
  • Commitment Ceremony
  • NYC Destination
  • Intimate - 2-10
  • Gathering - 10-35
  • Midsize - 36 - 50
  • Event - 50- 100
  • Banquet- 100 and up
  • Phone Consultation
  • Planning Meetings
  • Rehearsals

Planner services available for small scale events and referrals for full event planning!


We strongly suggest starting your application process online, 20 days prior to picking up your license. This will expedite your processing while at the clerk’s office.

Filing your license after a ceremony is standard procedure, at which point the bureau will process and issue your certificate in 3-8 weeks. Please note that if your health insurance or banking needs have to be updated in a particular timeframe, this can be an issue. Our strongest suggestion is for at least one person from the newlywed couple to go back to the bureau with ID and the signed license form. After a brief wait on line, the certificate is issued immediately. Please note that the certificate may only be issued to you, not to me or any other officiant. If you are visiting from another country, you may also want to consider this filing method as well.

City Clerk's Office - Marriage Bureau - City Clerk's Office - - Similar
141 Worth Street, NY, NY 10007 212 669 240

Park Permit

For gatherings larger than 24 people and/or you wish to secure the usage of a park area, a permit is required. The early bird gets the worm, when it comes to these permits! Contact for starting the process. Also, please read and follow the guidelines. Each park does have rangers on site and rules about no candles and no amplification… NO truly means NO.

The Manhattan Permits Office
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